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I’ve been a sex worker for 5 years, and I have been going to Stepping Stone almost as long. There were major incidents in my past that got me on the street; a great deal of losses meant a great deal of lifestyle changes.

Thanks to Stepping Stone I have found a place that is like a second home. The support is amazing, and the people are beautiful. Stepping Stone offers more than just food, clothing and a place to shower; it is a place where everyone can relate to one another.

Every month at the drop-in centre we can meet with a health nurse, mental health or legal aid.The legal assistance and emotional support they provide when going to court, plus dealing with things like probation and the law, has helped me a great deal. They go to great lengths on our behalf to fight issues like harassment, and to represent us in a positive way in the media.

Sex work has been around a long time and it’s not going to go away. It is unfortunate we are viewed so negatively by society. I wish people would see us for who we are, not what we are.

Stepping Stone is a charitable not for profit organization that offers supportive programs and outreach to women, men and transgender sex workers and former sex workers.

Consequently a survival sex environment is one that minimizes or eliminates a workers right to refuse work and otherwise imposes emotional, financial or psychological pressure forcing the surrender of will. Survival sex workers have less control over their working conditions due to issues such as poverty and criminalization.

The term sex work acknowledges that sex work is still work. While all sex workers would benefit from better working conditions, the term sex work acknowledges that for some, such as street based survival sex workers, the job is more problematic than it is for others.

Above all, the usual terminology used to refer to sex work – such as prostitution – is fluid with meanings and overtones that reflect dominant society’s agendas rather than any reality experienced by sex workers themselves.

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