Stepping Stone is a charitable organization that provides services and supports to the following:

  • Sex workers, current and former;
  • People at risk of entering the sex trade; and,
  • Trafficked persons

Here at Stepping Stone, we believe in a consenting adult’s right to choice. Some people choose to enter into the sex trade and for those who do, we advocate for equal access to services such as health care, as well as for their human rights and dignity. We operate using a harm reduction model, we aim to make sex work as safe and as positive as possible for individuals involved in the trade

Stepping Stone does not condone nor support human trafficking of any kind. Stepping Stone also does not advocate under aged sex work. However, because we recognize that underaged sex work has been occurring as long as sex work has been a profession, we are working to design programs that involve awareness, education, prevention, and intervention. There is a lack of services for this demographic and Stepping Stone is working to develop best practices to fill those gaps.

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