Welcome to the internet portal to Stepping Stone, a non-profit organization providing programming and support for sex workers in the Maritimes. Our goals are to advocate, protect, and support choice; we believe all individuals have a right to self-determination, our purpose is not one of interference. Through a harm reduction model, we aim to make sex work as safe and as positive as possible for individuals involved in the trade–sex workers deserve the basic human right to health and safety. Please peruse our website and, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

To our Supporters, Donors and Allies,

It is Christmas time again and here at Stepping Stone we are planning our Annual Christmas party for our Program Users and their families. For some of our Programs Users this will be the only Christmas celebration they have.

We are hoping you will find it in you to donate a little more this year to help those in need. Often we find that due to the stigma and judgement that our culture and society can bring when they think of sex work, that we do not receive as many donations as other agencies.

We challenge you to dig deep this year and find it in you to give to those that need it most.

We are looking for items such as:
Hygiene products
Tampons and Pads
Condoms and Lube
Hair care products including Black Hair Care products
Gift certificates- Grocery cards and Tim’s cards
Bus Tickets
Winter Clothing for Men and Women and Children
Childrens toys and books
Adult books

Stepping Stone works hard to support and keep our Sex Workers safe. Let’s work together to make this Christmas our best one yet!

Thank you

TL Johannesson
Executive Director of Stepping Stone

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Stepping Stone staff Linda Grandy and Kathleen Pyke at the PrEP in the Context of Sex Work Conference -October 2016 ...

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The Program User positions of cleaner and hostess are coming up for renewal again. We will be hiring 2 new volunteers for both positions within the first week of April. Any Program Users who are interested in applying can contact the drop-in coordinator, Kathleen, for more information. ...

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