UNDERSTANDING SEX WORK. Society has preconceived notions about who sex workers are and, as a result, condemn them without even knowing them. People assume that all sex workers are addicts or social deviants, were sexually abused as children, and that they are the bottom feeders of society. In reality, all sex workers have a story and they all deserve the same level of dignity and respect afforded to anyone who is engaged in the profession of their choosing. Such sweeping generalizations are harmful and hurtful. Like all human beings, every sex worker has a story and a path they are on, and they all deserve…


SEX WORK VS. SEX TRAFFICKING. Trafficked persons, unlike sex workers, enter/ed the sex trade through coercion, force, manipulation or threats. When sex work and sex trafficking are conflated, or lumped together as one, it causes serious harm. By denigrating sex workers, we are also denigrating the ones engaged in sex work unwillingly. Before we even help a trafficked person, we have already sent the message that what they did was filthy and demoralizing. In order to help them and have them trust us, we must purposefully separate those who didn’t choose that life, from the consenting adults who willingly engage in it. Regardless of what we think or feel about the profession. In Canada, it is not illegal to sell sexual services which means sex workers are not breaking laws and should not be treated as though they are. Still, that same law makes it illegal to buy sexual services, which forces many sex workers further underground. This puts them in harms way, at greater risk, and lessens their ability to screen potentially dangerous clients.

LOCAL RESOURCES. The following organizations offer a range of services from hot meals to beds to sleep in at night.

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CANADIAN RESOURCES. Not in Halifax? No problem! Here is a list of Canadian organizations that provide services and support for sex workers.

ONLINE RESOURCES. The resources featured here promote safety, personal care and well-being. If you do not see what you’re looking for, feel free to drop us a line!

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POLICIES & LEGISLATION. To ensure that those who are affected by given policies and/or legislation are informed, we have compiled the following collection of literature.

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