Stepping Stone

Stepping Stone is a charitable organization that provides services and support to current and former sex workers, people at risk of entering the sex trade, and people who identify as being trafficked.

We believe in a consenting adult’s right to choice.

Stepping Stone operates using a harm reduction model and aims to make sex work as safe and as positive as possible for all individuals involved.

Some people choose to enter into sex work and for those who do Stepping Stone advocates for equal access to all services.

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Stepping Stone advocates against human trafficking and provides supports for survivors.

Stepping Stone does not advocate for under age sex work; however, we do recognize that it is occurring. Due to the lack of services that are provided for this demographic, Stepping Stone is working to develop best practices to fill these gaps.

Stepping Stone is working to design programs that involve awareness, education, prevention, and intervention for youth at risk or youth who identify as being involved in sex work.